Rogers Estate Coffees

Project Description

One of our first big name clients. At the time there were only a hand full of X-Cart designers, and we were the lucky company who was chosen to represent the Rogers Family Company online presence.
Although this design is old, it reminds us that when designing, our designs need to remain timeless.
The Result?
An e-commerce store design that is eye catching and stands the test of time. A custom coded the design to fit inside the X-Cart e-commerce front.
Everything on this shopping cart was custom designed, including the shopping cart icons, in which changed images upon adding a product. It was a pleasure and joy to work with a great team and construct such an amazing UI for X-Cart.

Project Details

Web Site Design
UI Design (X-Cart Gold)
Design Integration X-Cart Gold 4x.

About Janie Giltner

About Janie Giltner


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